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Building & General Cleaning
We offer a 24 hour call out service for Fire & Flood damage. We are able to remove all traces of damage on any surface. We can remove most types of damage with limited use of chemicals.
Building & General Cleaning
When it comes down to Building & General Cleaning, Token Cleaning Ltd is able to provide a high quality professional cleaning services with rapid response to any emergencies such as Fire & Flood damage. We provide expert advice on Building & General Cleaning and are able to complete cleaning services with limited use of chemicals.

Our Building & General Cleaning service includes cleaning services such as cleaning of car parks, chewing gum removal, steam cleaning of driveways and patios to the cleaning of large buildings such as factories, workshops and service stations. We are able to remove all types of grime, dirt, grease and chemicals from all surfaces. We provide a nationwide service as distance is no object.